Are You Ready for the Superbowl…Injuries?

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Are You Ready for the Superbowl…Injuries?

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Football is an intensive, high impact sport that requires speed and quick moves.    Its no surprise that foot injuries and ankle injuries are common.

Super Bowl XLVII is hours away.
While we enjoy the pre-game festivities, players will be conditioning and practicing.  What foot and ankle injuries may they face?

Key Foot Injuries

An injury known as the Lisfranc injury received a lot of attention this fall when three players suffered from it within the course of a week.  This injury involves mid-foot ligaments, and may happen when the foot gets tangled up while playing on artificial turf.

Another injury that has artificial turf as a contributing factor is turf toe.  This injury is actually a sprain of the largest joint (the MTP) of the big toe.  Surgery is not normally necessary, but there can be long-term effects such as pain and joint stiffness.

Ankle sprains are another common football injury.  As a player moves to block and tackle, their ankle may roll causing a lateral ankle sprain.   Tackled players may also get their foot stuck in the pile-up resulting in a high ankle sprain.  The severity can range from some swelling to ligaments that are completely torn.  Overuse injuries and fractures are also a threat to football players.

Foot Injuries for Us Average Folks

Elite Athletes aren’t the only ones who can suffer from traumatic foot and ankle injuries.  Weekend warriors or those  of us who train on a regular basis develop plantar fasciitis and stress fractures as well.  Dont let your injury keep you out of the game.  Call us at (352)-376-5112 at Family Podiatry and Vein Care and stop that pain now!



February 4, 2013 at 2:58 pm

Recently I’ve started running and I’ve noticed that the ligament or tendon that runs through the bottom of my foot has become very tight and midway through, along my arch it has a big bump on it. I can feel it when I trace the tendon with my fingers.

It’s not necessarily painful but is that bump normal? I don’t have it on the other foot.


    February 4, 2013 at 3:43 pm

    The bump certainly is NOT normal. Most likely it represents a plantar fibroma, which is a BENIGN mass that can form within the plantar fascia. It may enlarge over time, or become painful. Fortunately, for now it is assymptomatic. If this changes, give us a call for an evaluation.

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