Ingrown Nails

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Ingrown Nails

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I had a professor in school who said he could treat people for ingrown nails the whole day, every day.  At the time, I thought it was a bit odd, but years later I get it.


Many times people come in to see me and they’re so scared of the injection to numb the toe.  Usually it’s because they had a bad experience somewhere else.  It takes a bit more effort on my part to win them over, but virtually all of the time they tell me there was almost no pain with the shots.  And once the injection is done, the rest is easy.


What is an ingrown toenail?  Simply, the side of the nail grows into the skin and causes pain and a localized infection.  Causes include tight shoes, trauma, improper cutting of the nail and fungal infections.


Many primary care doctors will treat this medically with antibiotics.  I almost never do this.  An ingrown nail is a SURGICAL problem that generally won’t clear up till the nail spicule is removed.

After treatment, you’ll be able to walk out without pain and in most instances return to normal activity the same or the next day.  So call and let us stop the pain today

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